Seller Testimonial:

"When we decided to sell our two family home in Watertown, I happened to be walking By the Coldwell Banker office.when I went in, Michele was there. She brought me into a private room and helped me look at different perspectives of selling my home. She was very helpful extremely knowledgeable of the area and surrounding homes and their values. Upon putting our home on the market, she sold it in 8 DAYS! Since that time, we have been friends. I highly recommend Michele for all of your realestate needs. "  AJ. VJ


Buyer Testimonial:

Michelle Detursi she is an absolute angel that came into my life just when I needed one!! Never mind she is THEE absolute best realtor I've met through my process of purchasing my first home.I never felt comfortable with the other realtors I dealt with until I came across her. I was going through a lot in my personal life and she helped me out in ways that my own family wouldn't. It was a long hard process but she NEVER backed down from the challenge and always had encouraging words all the way till we finally got to closing and beyond. I don't know if there's a star or something special you pass down to outstanding employees but she definitely deserves it. She will forever be in my heart I love her and think she is awesome at what she does. I will send anyone I know who is looking to purchase a home straight to her office😍thank you for your time and for Michelle.... sincerely K.N.